A Summer Haul That Suits Your Fashion Needs


You and your ultimate wish lists never seem to end. There are so much and so many things about fashion that is being launched every day that keeping upbeat stays slightly difficult. But, hey worry because for a perfect look in the dry sultry weather you can always give some things a hit and some a miss. Therefore creating the “hot” list will have you sorted. A wardrobe refresh may be considered if you are running out of fresh spring colors in your clothes. However, without beautiful accessories, your look may be the cake without the delicious icing and definitely sans the cute cherry on top. Here is a guide on how to dress with the coolest things you need to look fresh and dewy.

Accessorize those hands with cowboy stuff

You will never want your hands to look all bare and empty hence how about piling on a women Leather bracelet. The notion of more the merrier does not work in this context because wearing too many of these leather bracelets will make your hands look crowded. Therefore, stick to wearing maybe a two or three of them which make your look super stylish and amps up the cowboy look. Wearing a watch may add to your fashion sense, and you can always get on with a big dial wrist watches. Sporting a leather wristlet gives you a tough demeanor look that is confident and smart. Here is how you can team your favorite accessory.

  • Wear light colored cotton clothes that have a great neckline and something that is soft on the skin. Slip on your band and see if it goes with your colored dress.
  • A denim jacket or a beige long knit long top adds a style that is grunge and is very appealing to the eyes.
  • Wear a watch on the hand that has the bracelet, or if the band is too wide, then you can also choose it to wear it on the other hand that is empty.
  • Select a great pair of sneakers or flip flops because it is summer and you do not want to wear something to knee-high that shall be a complete summer misfit.

Protection from the sun overhead

It is summer time, and you will never want to burn your skin. Therefore, just like smearing some sunscreen is important so is wearing a hat and what better than a Cat Ears Straw Hat. With this hat on you have the perfect picnic feel and can even decide to spend the weekend on a beach, with this on. It adds so much to the look besides protecting your skin and not to forget the head. Summer time is the perfect time to play with fresh, bright colors, and therefore a bright color palette for your outfits is the go-to thing. Here are a few ways you can team your hats.

  • If the outfits colored bright canary yellow, tangerine, fuchsia pink and powder blue have long been stashed in your wardrobe now is the time to bring them out.
  • Select something that does not have too long sleeves. A sleeveless or a cold shoulder top works just fine.
  • Wear something statement like a statement pair of earrings, a neck piece or loads, and loads of ceramic bangles.
  • Make-up that is very light on the skin which has a hot orange lipstick and a baked blush would give you that perfect sun-kissed look.
  • And when all is ready complete the look with the hat and voila you are summer ready.

 A great journey never began without a fabulous pair of shoes

This holds so true because you cannot begin to even think of stepping out of the house without a great pair of shoes. Perhaps, it's summer time, and mundane flip flops or comfy slippers can always be given a miss with a nice pair of Winged Gladiator Pumps. This pair just brings the whole look together. When you wear these pumps, you get a rock chick feel to yourself.  These are so much in fashion these days that people cannot stop raving about them. Here a few ways you can team them up without looking over flashy.

  • Always select your dresses when it comes to wearing quirky pumps because something too lengthy takes away from the look. Therefore a nice flaring short dress is the right one to go with it.
  • The dresses with the quintessential floral prints make you look so demure and beautiful. Purchase clothes that are comfy if you have sweat issues.
  • A bodycon does look great with gladiators, however, keep that for the night. Wearing it during the day might be a mismatch.
  • Do not forget to have a light kohl-lined eye makeup that just does so much to your appearance that you cannot even imagine. Finally, slip on those pumps and go for a pool party if you have one.

A must have travel essential is your luggage

It is summer time, and for the perfect short trip, you do not want to carry those heavy suitcases or big travel bags. Hence, how about a Mochilas backpack where you can pack all your essentials and not even feel too heavy on the shoulders.  A weekend getaway during the summers to a Riverside or the mountains requires you to carry your other belongings like a fish harness and stuff. Nobody takes too much of clothes except a pair of jeans or comfy skirts. You can always choose a backpack as you can easily carry the load on your shoulders and since it is just one bag you will not have to feel weighed down with too much luggage

The offline mode is the best way to be

You know by now what are the perfect must haves for your summer fashion. Also, if you are planning a short trip with your buddies, this “hot” list will make you look cool in the scorching heat. Of course, you can have your additions because there is so much, you can always include in your list, but these are just the basic stylish things that shall help you get summer ready. The most important accessory that you shall never forget is that beautiful smile because no look of yours is complete without one. Above all, stay offline so that you can spend the best time.