How To Enhance Your Style Quotient: Ideas For You

As a fashionista, your focus will be on enhancing your style quotient. What exactly is fashion? The concept is about knowing what is in trends, and style, and dressing according to those parameters. So, if you love glitz, glamour and fashion, you will make the effort to know what is trendy and stylish, and then, you will go according to those. A so-called fashion conscious campaigner tries to find out the in things, the latest fashion trends. But as you go out hunting, don’t tax yourself too hard; instead, use the following fashion tips to your advantage.

  • Roll up your sleeves

It all boils down to doing a few little things here and there, even if you roll up your sleeves, you can enhance the style factor, and add a zing to the button down mundane shirt that you are used to wearing on a regular basis. Try rolling the sleeves to highlight a women leather bracelet, and see how the prospect enhances your ultra-chic quotient.

  • Cuff your jeans bottom

In that way, you can add a new dimension to the jeans which you use regularly, you can have the bottom cuffed, as double cuff, single cuff, or that which looks twisted and turned. The proposition enhances the edgy factor in your look, besides if you are wearing high heels, or the winged Gladiator Pumps; the cuffed button will give you the opportunity to flaunt it, with grace and élan.

  • Use a belt

If you are in your casual wear, but are keen on highlighting it, then, don’t forget to use a belt.  Having a belt to tie up the outerwear or the scarf top at your waist will go a long way towards accentuating your curves. Belt enhances refinement and contributes to the edgy factor of your look.

  • Have your shoulder draped

You want to show to the world that you are elegant, as well as, flamboyant. In that case, throw your outerwear over your shoulder in such a way that the sleeves remain free. The outerwear may be a jacket or a blazer, but if you use it for draping your shoulder, then, you can add to the saga of glamour, fashion and flamboyance. Apart from draping the shoulders, put on a Cat Ears Straw Hat, the ensemble will make you stand out, in the crowd.

  • White or black

Occasionally, it pays to dress up in a different way, if you are bored with your tees, and jeans try something uniquely different.  Go for an ensemble that is either all white or black. White adds to the saga of elegance, while black makes you look sleek and edgy. Complement the black or white ensemble with statement earring and reddened lips.

  • Redefine your looks with stripes

How about wearing a three quarter top with horizontal stripes? You can team it up with a skirt that has vertical stripes. Once in a while you can play with strips, and prints to add to the classiness of your look. If the stripes are red or blue in color, make sure that you have matching accessories including bag, earing and footwear. Carrying a blue colored Mochilas backpack with blue striped skirt and top can make you look cool, ultra-stylish and fashionable.

  • Knots are back in fashion

The idea is to look cool, cozy, confident, comfortable and elegant. Try knotting your crop shirt, and see what sort of an impact it creates. You will look bubbly, playful but fashionable. Moreover, if you have a beautiful waistline to flaunt, then, you have good reasons to come up with a knot.

  • Enhance the look of your basic tee shirt

You are wearing the same old tee shirt, may be, you are changing the color scheme, or the print pattern. But other than these, you can think of no other variation. Here is an excellent idea to bank on. Revamp your casual looking teen shirt into a stylish signature piece by inserting a collar. There are collar designs of various kinds. From lacy designs to those with floral prints and leather trim, you can choose according to your taste and flair. You can also make a pick from collars with tartan prints.

  • Don’t forget to use your scarves

Carrying neck scarves is a hot summer fashion trend. There are neck scarves of various types, but while tying them, you have to go about in such a way that it adds to the oomph factor of your look.

  • Go for the unique and unusual color schemes
You need not always stick to the traditionally known red, blue, black or yellow. But you have reasons to play with mute shades including baby blue, rust, Marsala, lavender, plum and mustard. Mix and match these unusual shades in such a way that your ensemble has a different story to tell.